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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Help make parking not suck

Here's an idea I had a couple years ago living in downtown Denver. Like many cities, the residential parking here totally blows, and one of the major reasons why is because some people simply don't park efficiently.

We've all seen it, when some car is taking up two spots and doesn't leave enough room in front or behind for another vehicle (yet the combined space is enough to fit another car).

Of course, it's not always one person's fault for this. Maybe the car parked there before them messed up the block, or some delivery truck was there earlier and took up 40 feet of parking. Either way, the problem is still here.

The solution is really damn simple. Paint the curbs to outline where a parking spot is, like they do at the grocery store and in many other high traffic parking curbs I have seen (or in lots with parallel spots). Really, Denver, is this that difficult? Parking here is a nightmare and with all the money I've paid to you guys in tickets over the years, I could have painted several blocks already.

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